Change takes time

It was the winter of 1999

I was a recent graduate

With a masters from MIT, no less

Working at one of the hottest companies in the US

Just over 25 years old, a year into my first job

(Paper $millionaire already!)

I was attending a conference on innovation

And the future by local business group

When called on stage to discuss and debate

I made a point that many believed to be true

“Ecommerce will destroy brick and mortar”

Most of the audience nodded in agreement

Few shook their head

-older people with receding hairlines

(No, I don’t claim to be original on that one

It was something being talked about in all the media

It was the peak of dotcom boom)

Everyone believed that within few years

Online retail would overtake physical retail

More than 20 years later

It still has not happened

Business has changed

Even more so in the last couple of years

But it’s going to still take more time

Another 5, 10, 20, or longer?

We are in the middle of another such big change

AI, ecommerce, crypto, NFT, metaverse, drones

I see many people taken in by this

Singing the song “This is the future”

Replace “This” with the whichever new tech you like

Yes, change will happen

It always has

Will the old get wiped out tomorrow?

Not likely

Will it take longer than most “pundits” and “talking heads” proclaim


When I meet someone talking about…

“How Bitcoin is the future”

I don’t argue and spout out challenges and facts

I just shake my head

Smile inwardly and move on….