Change doesn’t happen overnight

#generativeai today is where Covid was 3 years ago.

And .com companies and #internet was 23 years ago.

Everyone on social media is an expert but nobody knows anything for sure.

Covid times

Remember washing hands every few minutes.

No need to mask.

Then mandatory masks and then N95….

Also, going through whole body sanitizer sprays and finally realizing that the virus is airborne and mutates often.

Finally nobody escaped the virus, vaccinated or not.

Off course vaccination helped (but some people, might be debating that still…)

.com times

You just have to add internet to your company name or business

Your stock price doubled or more

News aggregators were sold for $billions

Any company with .com in its name was valued in $billions

Even if it had little to no revenue

After a while – 3-5 years and many a bust

Settled the dust

Slowly but surely, the internet changed the way we live

But at the same time lot of things remained the same

Same is going to be with generative AI – nobody will escape it

Even if you are not on social media 🙂

It will change the world, but not overnight

It will change the way we live and work, but not all of it

Jobs will be lost, but jobs will be created too

Who feeds the data to this new monster?

Who tunes and fact checks the stuff it creates…

These are surely exciting times, but many of us who work in tech live in a tech bubble of our own creation

Life on the roads has not changed

No amount of tech, AI and techies will fix the potholes on Indian city roads

And the rains are coming…