AI: challenges and opportunities for PMs

#ai is changing the world, especially the tech world. For people who are #productmanagers this creates both challenges and opportunities:


– In most cases, your product strategy must evolve and likely change.

– If you don’t have a natural language interface, it’s time to consider one.

– If you are data crunching heavy, then your competition is about to heat up.

– If you don’t have an articulation of how you are adapting and still relevant, you must build one at the earliest.

– If you had built functionality that can be replicated using some of APIs to LLMs or other AI tools – you will have to consider changing the core of your product.

– If your competition is embedding some of the AI capabilities then you have no choice but to play catch-up.


– You entire content marketing execution has gotten easier.

– Your ability to research and publish just got faster if you learn and use the right AI enabled tools.

– If you are running short on developers, some of the AI tools can ease your team’s burden.

– How you position with or without embedding some of the AI tools can help your differentiate.